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Homeschool Partnership 

We are excited to announce that our academic and athletic programs at WCA are now available to the homeschooling community. We recognize that choosing to homeschool your child is a personal and honorable decision. We support that decision and would love the opportunity to partner with you to prepare your student for their future.

We offer a full range of courses for students in both Upper and Lower School. In addition to classes, we offer several athletic opportunities, a guidance function, testing services, and more. We meet with each family to create a plan to custom fit your child, and we provide several resources in one location to ease in the efforts of supplementing your child's education. 


Course Offerings and Schedule

You can review our course offerings and schedule here. We suggest signing up as soon as you have picked your classes. We offer a unique schedule that allows for two or three day course options. Please make note of our split classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These classes allow for us to provide a full credit course in a two day per week class. They also allow for a 'brain break' half way through class to promote an ideal learning environment for the students. During this time our homeschool students have three options: register for an elective, take a private music lesson (limited availability), or choose to take a study hall break.


Application and Enrollment Process

1. Fill out an application online. Be sure to select the PART-TIME option. 

2. Meet with the Administration for a short interview. (And tour our amazing facilities if you have time.)

3. Speak with a Homeschool Specialist at WCA to choose your exact courses.

4. Take any necessary entry exams to ensure proper placement. (not required for all classes)

5. Complete your enrollment packet online and set up your payment plan. 


Tuition and Fees


We look forward to partnering with you as you educate your child!



For more information and to let us know which courses you might be interested in, please fill out the form below. 

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