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Some of the last programs to receive funding are the ones that mean the most to our students' lives and to our hearts. Can you imagine a life without music, without story, without art? We strive to ensure that every student enjoys an education in the arts and that students with exceptional passion in those areas can be immersed in opportunities to grow, to discover, and to create.

Meaningful music, drama, and arts programs are expensive. Musical instruments and equipment, sheet music, scripts, sets, art supplies, sound equipment, photography supplies...all of it is essential to an education in the fine arts--and the fine arts are essential to a well rounded formation of students as individuals created in the image of God and united beautifully in the body of Christ.

Because we have a passion for the arts, we make a concerted effort to raise funds each year to enable our arts department to continue to grow and thrive.

WCA's Fine Arts Program Currently Includes:

  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Band
  • Praise Band