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100 Mile Challenge


Purpose: To Encourage healthy living and physical fitness during the summer months


Challenge: Run/Walk at least 100 miles during the summer (5/17 - 8/27)


Incentive: Students who successfully reach at least the bronze level during the summer will be recognized at assembly and receive a t-shirt


Goals (Entering Kindergarten - 4th Grade):

Gold - 100 Miles

Silver - 75 Miles

Bronze - 50 Miles


Goals (Entering 5th - 12th Grade):

Gold - 200 Miles

Silver - 150 Miles

Bronze - 100 Miles


The main goal is to run 100 miles, however the greater goal is to encourage fitness. To that end, you are encouraged to set personal goals for pace and distance. Try to increase distance and/or improve pace throughout the summer!



  • Track your exact mileage on a calendar/chart. is a great resource.

    • helps to organize runs, track mileage, calculate pace, and offers several other features

  • Submit monthly progress to Coach Lund by the 4th day of each month. Standings will be posted on the 5th day of each month to the Washtenaw Christian Athletics page on Facebook & Instagram.

    • Send calendar or chart through Google Docs OR as a .pdf to

  • Tracking is on your honor since the running will be completed individually

  • Only dedicated running/jogging counts. If you need to walk part of the route, that does not count towards your mileage.

  • You may run indoors or outdoors. Running during sporting events does not count, walking, hiking, and FitBit steps do not count towards the 100 Mile Goal.

  • If running outdoors, be cautious and aware of your surroundings. Make sure an adult knows when and where you will be running AND when you anticipate returning. 

  • Students/Staff who successfully complete the 100 Mile Challenge will receive a t-shirt at no cost. Parents/Alumni may purchase the t-shirt for $10.