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As Christians, we are to glorify God in all we do and to reflect His character in all aspects of our lives. The purpose of our dress code is to help facilitate the best learning environment we can without distractions, to remove the comparisons that come with a broad economic demographic, and to give the faculty and staff ease in enforcement. Additionally, a streamlined dress gives our students the feeling of belonging and facilitates a sense of professionalism and responsibility.


WCA School Dress Code



Shirts may be long or short-sleeved polos and oxfords in the SOLID COLORS of red, black, grey, navy or white. Logos may be no larger than a quarter unless it is the school logo. Sweatshirts, sweaters, and vests that are worn in school —always with a polo or oxford— need to be in the solid colors of red, black, grey, or white, or official school spirit wear of the same colors. (WCA shirts and sweatshirts in other colors can only be worn on casual or spirit wear days). Coats and jackets may NOT be worn in class.

*This year we are allowing students to wear the WCA t-shirts with the shield logo on them. They are for sale in the school office for $12 each.



Pants may be worn in the solid colors of khaki (tan), navy, black, grey, and jeans in the same solid colors and in shades of denim without rips, frays, designs, or abnormal discoloration (e.g. acid wash). Leggings or tight compression pants may not be worn as pants. Girls may wear capris in the same colors.



Girls may wear skirts/jumpers in the solid in colors of khaki (tan), navy, black, grey or denim and may be no shorter than 3" above the knee, including slits. Skirts worn above the knee and up to the 3" criteria require under-shorts, solid leggings, or tights in dress code colors.



Polo uniform dresses are permitted in the colors of red, black, navy, and grey and must follow all other skirt guidelines.



Shorts may be school uniform style (Bermuda shorts) in the colors of khaki (tan), navy, black, or grey —no denim shorts. Shorts may be no shorter than 3" above the knee.



Shoe color is not regulated, however we do ask that students avoid shoes that are distracting. Outdoor and winter boots need to be changed prior to the start of the school-day. Lower school students must wear closed toe shoes, no Crocs type shoes are permitted. Upper School girls may wear heels three inches or less, and all shoes need to have a back strap. No beach wear or flip-flops.


Gym Apparel

For grades 5-6, spirit wear t-shirt may be worn with athletic shorts (mid thigh or longer), sweats, or athletic pants. No leggings or compression pants/shorts may be worn without shorts over them.

Non-marking tennis shoes and socks must be worn at all times in the gym for all students.


Game Day Attire for Athletes

This dress code will be set with the help of the Athletic Director and will be distributed before school starts.


Spirit Wear Days (Fridays)

All Dress Code guidelines apply except:

-Students may wear any WCA shirt that is in good condition including T-shirts. Shirts that are not WCA specific are not permitted. 

-Athletic pants and shorts are permitted in school colors or combination of colors (Red, Black, White, Grey). Sweatpant material is not permitted. 


Casual Days

Casual day details will be released before the first day of school. 



Hair should be kept clean and neat, out of the face, and not covering the eyes. Extreme hairstyles and/or dramatic coloration are not permitted—the Administration reserves the right to determine what is extreme. Hair for boys should not be past the collar. 


Additional Notes

-Items not specifically stated as permissible are not allowed.  

-Oxford shirts that are intended to be tucked in need to be tucked in.

-Belts need to be worn if the student's pants/shorts cannot stay up on their own. 

-Cargo pockets are permitted if not excessively large.

-Underclothing, midriffs, and cleavage are not to not be showing for any student at any time. 

-Distracting or inappropriate attire is not permitted. 

-Hats may not be worn during the school-day. 

-Piercings are permitted in the ears only, no plugs, and must not be distracting.

-Length of shorts and skirts apply to all school sanctioned events with alternative dress codes unless noted (e.g. outdoor or sporting type events where the gym apparel guidelines may be used)


Dress Code Violations

Any student arriving to campus not in dress code may not be allowed into class or participate in events scheduled for that day. Students may lose house points and may also receive a discipline report. Parents may be required to bring appropriate clothing to campus for the student to attend class.


The Administration reserves the right to make the final determination on violation of dress code guidelines.

The dress code is subject to change at any time.