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Frequently Asked Questions

Please fill out this form if you have a question that is not addressed below. Additional questions may be added in the days to come. 


Will assembly, chapel, athletics, fundraisers, and other group events still take place this year? 

Washtenaw Christian Academy (WCA) events will be modified to become virtual events, redesigned to fit within our back to school plan, or postponed; these include in-school student assemblies, chapel, admissions open houses, fine arts night, and others. Information about upcoming events will be sent in advance via email.

Off-site field trips are temporarily suspended. WCA will not participate in or host any student travel initiatives and/or programs for the foreseeable future.


Will Athletics be offered?

WCA intends to offer several athletic opportunities in accordance with the MHSAA’s guidance. At this time, soccer & volleyball teams are permitted to practice but may not yet compete. Updates will be announced as information becomes available.


What is the dress code for students? Are there any changes?

Please refer to the school dress code listed on the website at this link.

This year we are allowing students to wear the WCA t-shirts with the shield logo on them. They are for sale in the school office for $12 each.


What plans/changes has WCA made to reduce potential spread in the event someone is infected with COVID?

Limited class sizes, spaced desks, assigned seating, outdoor classrooms, staggered recess times, hand sanitizer stations, touchless water bottle fillers, automatic toilet flushers, etc. More specific answers can be found throughout these FAQs.


How will before and after care work? 

In order to keep children as safe as possible, we are asking that families participate in Before and After Care only if it is a necessity for their family. If you are able to pick up your child from school by the end of the normal school day, we encourage that you do that. Students will be grouped according to who they are in class with during the school day as much as possible and distancing measures will be put into place.


What is the mask policy at WCA? 

Facial coverings will always be worn by staff except for meals.

Facial coverings will always be worn in hallways and common areas by all preK-12 students in the building except for during meals. Any student that is unable to medically tolerate a facial covering must not wear one. 

Facial coverings will also be worn in classrooms by all students in grades 6-12.

Facial coverings may be homemade or disposable level-one (basic) grade surgical masks.  

Homemade facial coverings must be washed daily. (This will be communicated to enrolled families.)

Disposable facing coverings must be disposed of at the end of each day. 

Students in PreK-5th grade will be learning in a self-contained classroom. As such, masks will be optional while learning in class. Teachers will support each family's decision in the classroom. 

Note: Students with significant disabilities preventing the use of facial coverings will be addressed individually and according to guidance from the MDE.


What health screening measures should parents use for the children before they come to school? Will WCA be conducting health screenings at the beginning of school?

As a first line of defense, we are asking each family to perform an at-home screening of their student(s), including taking their child’s temperature at home every morning using oral, tympanic, or temporal scanners. Students with a temperature of 100.2 or greater should stay home and consider coronavirus testing if symptoms of COVID-19 are present.  A screening checklist will be sent home before the first day of school. 

Additionally, teachers will conduct temperature checks for each student at the door upon entry along with a quick health screening and will be looking out for signs of illness. 


Where will students be eating their lunch?

To begin the school year all students will be eating their lunches in the classroom or outside. To protect the integrity of the pods (where applicable) and to accommodate social distancing guidelines, ordered meals (if and when they become available) will be delivered to classrooms by WCA staff. 


Will WCA serve hot lunch?

We will gradually bring in hot lunch options. We feel it is best to get into a routine and make sure we are doing things well before we add more to our plate. 


What changes will be made to pick up and drop off for students? 

Students will utilize the exterior classroom doors for entry to and exit from the building. 

In the morning, students may enter their classroom at 8:00a. Students who require early entrance will utilize the main doors and proceed to their designated before-care area. There will be an additional charge for this service.

Students will be released in small numbers in the mornings from their classroom to use their locker. 

In the afternoon, students will be dismissed from their classrooms rather than congregating by the main doors.

More details will be released about this before the start of the school year.


Will students have combined recess this year? 

Recess times may coincide; however, specific grades will be assigned different areas to play on a rotating basis if multiple grades are out at the same time. 


How will bathroom breaks be scheduled for students to assist with contact tracing? 

Bathroom breaks will be facilitated by class and will be built into the daily schedule.


Are parents and visitors allowed in the building? What if a parent needs to pick up their student early? 

Parents and Visitors generally will not be admitted to WCA unless prior arrangements have been made. For quick stops, we ask that you ring the front door and enter the office for a quick screening.


What is the late work policy? 

The late work policy as outlined in the student handbook will be followed. In the event that a student needs to quarantine, assignments will still be expected punctually if the student is not sick. 


What specific policies/procedures are in place for the Upper School to reduce risk?

WCA will utilize a pod system for the Upper School grades to minimize the need for students to change classes. Instead, teachers will move between classes. Desks are spaced 3 to 6 feet apart, and class sizes have been capped in order to comply with the Governor’s reopening recommendations and requirements. For classes featuring combined grades, larger spaces will be utilized including the cafetorium and music room and seating charts will be required. 


How will positive cases be handled? 

In the event there is a positive case within the WCA family, WCA will coordinate with the professionally trained staff of the Washtenaw County Health Department for all contact tracing. Our schedule and procedures have been developed heeding the advice of the Washtenaw County Health Department to mitigate spread in the event there is a case at WCA. WCA and the WCHD will communicate with parents and potential contacts.


What is the procedure for when students become ill during the school day?

WCA has established a designated sick room in the case that a student develops symptoms while in the school building. Parents will be contacted and expected to pick up the student as soon as possible. 


What is the plan if our region moves back to Phase 3? WIll there be a tuition discount?

WCA is prepared to transition to full distance-learning in the event that our region moves back to Phase 3.

Since WCA’s expenses continue during distance learning periods, there is no plan to reduce or discount tuition if WCA is required to transition to online-only education for any duration.

*The Preschool policy on tuition will be sent through the preschool department.


Will Upper School students participate in the House System?

The house system as utilized over the past four years will be adjusted to fit WCA’s pods. Due to wanting to focus on the safety aspect of the school year plans will be finalized for houses after we start school.


What are the 2020 - 2021 school hours?

Lower School - 8:15a - 3:20p

Upper School - 8:15a - 3:30p