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What Academic Services are Available at WCA?

The administration at WCA is very sensitive to the fact that children have different learning styles and abilities. God has gifted each of us individually, and we are grateful for each student that he has brought through our doors. We believe that Christian education should be available to anyone that seeks it, and as far as we are able, we would like to provide that here. Of course, there are limitations based on our physical size and staffing, but we are pleased to offer a wide range of services to our school family that take place during the school day. There is a fee for each of these various levels of support.

Resource Administrator

Available for addressing parent and/or teacher concerns. Upon referral, observes the student in various school environments and makes suggestions that address his/her difficulties. There is no fee unless diagnostic testing is recommended and administered (with parent approval).

NILD Educational Therapy 

Uses a battery of techniques that impact and develop students’ areas of weakness in perception and cognition.  The goal is to help them become independent learners.

• It is non-tutorial (we do not focus on current classroom work)
• It is a deficit stimulation program (targeting perceptual and cognitive weaknesses)
• It is integrative (drawing on many avenues of thinking)
• It is individual (one-on-one) and intense (the student must take an active role)
• It is available for students of any age
• It requires parental involvement

Paraprofessional help

Some children benefit from having an aide with them in one or more classrooms all the time to help with understanding and work completion.


Provided by a staff-person to assist with the specific content of the curriculum.  Can serve as an accountability coach, a teacher, and a mentor.

Accommodation Plans 

Some students qualify for accommodations to the general curriculum based on certain diagnosed conditions.  These accommodations do not change what the student is responsible for learning, but provide support in how the material is presented or responded to.  It serves to “even the playing field”.  If the student is not receiving any direct special services, there is a slight fee for the Resource Administrator to initiate and monitor an accommodation plan. 


The Discovery Center at WCA (the department of academic support services) is pleased to introduce our various ways we offer academic support to our students! There are services available at WCA to help families with the academic needs of their children. Call, email, or stop in to the Discovery Center, if we can help you in any way.

Marilyn McFerren, WCA Resource Administrator,
Professionally Certified Educational Therapist