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WCA Needs You!

Changes abound, but to say we’re trying something new at Washtenaw Christian Academy is to miss the point entirely.

Adopting the Classical Christian education model is a major step for everyone at WCA. It has been exciting, encouraging, bold, and different from what we have grown accustomed to, but what we’re doing this year is by no means new. Rather, through much prayer and consideration, WCA made the decision to concentrate on the single most tried and true method in history, one proven over centuries. . . .

And we’re making another substantial change.

This year, as we embrace the Classical Christian model for our education philosophy, we’re also renewing our focus on one of the foundational elements of the WCA mission: prayer. On one hand, depending on prayer is no change at all—we have relied on prayer every day of our existence. On the other hand, we are making a big change this year that you’ll be sure to notice: WCA's Annual Fund Campaign.

The Annual Fund covers each of six aspects of WCA’s educational and operational mission in 2017-18:

  • The ARM fund (Attract, Retain, Mentor)
  • The General Fund
  • Athletics
  • Fine Arts
  • Debt Retirement
  • Facilities Improvement

One of the core benefits of the Classical Christian education model is how the system goes beyond simply teaching students facts and concepts about individual subjects and equips students with the ability to learn. What they learn is not quite as important as how they learn. In essence, that is very similar to what is driving our decision to make a single appeal to you this year.

What you decide to give is not quite as important as how you decide to give.

We want each and every gift made to support the work and students of WCA to be given cheerfully, under the direction of God, by the power of prayer, and through faith that God will use it and magnify it to do His work.

So please, take a moment to look through these prayer cards and understand the various ways your gifts can and will make a difference. Then, please pray. Please dedicate a moment of every day to praying for WCA, our students, our faculty, our staff, and our mission. 

As you remember WCA, we ask with prayer and confidence in the power of the Lord’s will . . . please give. Give as God directs you. Please take a moment with each gift to designate which category you would like your gift to be applied to support.

We have always held up our school in prayer, but this year we wanted to stand together in giving as well, united around the belief that our gifts, our prayers, and our efforts can do great things in God’s hands.

Thank you for joining WCA in prayer. It is a joy and an honor to include you as a partner in ministry. It gives us great hope to be surrounded by students dedicated to learning in the spirit and character of Christ, and what great inspiration for their education to be made possible by the generations that precede them in faith. Thank you for praying. Thank you for giving. Thank you for being our partner in making a better school for our children and a better world for His kingdom.

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