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Who We Are

Washtenaw Christian Academy (WCA) is passionate about providing students with an education focusing on academic excellence, while maintaining a biblical worldview.

When looking at educational options, one considers much more than a year-by-year experience for their son or daughter. The decision of where the next level of their child’s development will begin should hinge upon the big-picture question: where do you want your young adult to be after graduation?

Even more than that . . . who do you want your young adult to be?

At Washtenaw Christian Academy, we find a common desire in the heart of every family who enrolls their students at WCA—a desire that, for us, is a conviction. Like any parents, they want their children to graduate with good grades, high test scores, a head start into college preparation and the opportunity to go to premiere colleges and universities where they can thrive.

But WCA families want more than that: they want their children to grow to be compassionate adults, responsible citizens, influential leaders in the community, and strong adherents to their faith. Most parents share that desire, but think, “They don’t teach all that in school.” And it’s true. They don’t.

We do. We believe—we know—parents don’t have to choose between schools that can develop their children academically and those that can develop their children holistically. We do both, and we do so with excellence. The facts about our graduates offer proof:

  • Average ACT score: 26.7 (state average: 19.6).

  • Attend renowned colleges and universities, including Cornell University, Loyola University—Chicago, University of Michigan, Calvin College, Cornerstone University, Ferris State, Indiana Wesleyan, Spring Arbor University, Wheaton College, to name a few.

  • Class of 2012 went on to these majors in college: Law, Business, Pre-Med, Chemical Engineering, Advertising & Marketing, Counseling & Psychology, Psychiatry, Music Production & Engineering, and many others.

  • A recent ACSI / Cardus Study showed accredited Christian school graduates, like ours, to be far more likely than their peers to:

o Retain their commitment to their faith
o Donate financially to charitable causes
o Volunteer their time and service in the community
o Feel content and fulfilled with the status of their lives

At WCA, our high faculty:student ratio and whole-child approach to education create a unique environment where our students achieve academic and personal success. Our graduates prove that every year.


Our History

WCA is a non-denominational Christian school that began in 1975 as Saline Christian School. A rented church building sufficed until the new facility was opened. WCA opened its 27 acre campus on February 15, 2005. The facility is 72,000 square feet, with 53,000 completed on the first floor. The 19,000 square foot second floor has studs and drywall ready and utilities stubbed in, but needs approximately $450,000 to be completed. The first floor can hold up to 400 students, while the completed facility will be able to accommodate 600. The Redies Foundation was instrumental in helping WCA build and equip our Redies Technology Lab, which presently features 23 computers.
WCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization governed by a seven-member, parent-elected board of directors. A majority of board members must have children attending the school. 
The mission of the school is to provide a Christian-based education to students, preschool through 12th grade. Students from 60 different places of worship make up the student body. Over 90% of WCA graduates go on to college, while others choose to attend a vocational school or train in the mission field.
Our goal is to continue to increase our enrollment to eventually be at full capacity of 600 students. From the small beginnings in 1975, WCA’s history has always been surrounded with prayer and service.
Our Future
WCA is committed to good stewardship. We instill in our students the desire to take care of all that we have. It is part of our culture to stretch every dollar to ensure that we are being good stewards of all that has been entrusted to us.

With the assistance of four foundations, friends, and families, WCA finished construction of the 53,000 foot ground floor in 2005. WCA owns the 27 acres the school sits on. In March of 2008, WCA paid off the remaining balance on the land. A large percentage of WCA’s debt has been paid off and the remainder was recently refinanced at a lower interest rate. Our board has actively sought to and continues to seek ways to place us in a financially viable position for the future.

Since construction, the facility has gained a basic kitchen, in August 2008. Other improvements have included flagpoles, an outdoor basketball court, and a soccer field. Improved electronic security devices have also been installed in and around the building, including a keyless card entry system that allows our facility to be completely locked down for safety. All of these improvements were made possible with specifically designated parent and private community supporter donations. The long-term plan is to continue to increase enrollment, and thus funding the finish of the remaining 13 classrooms on the second floor.

Leadership is critical to our success. We are thrilled to have a new Head of School as of August 2013. Pete Laugen comes to us with expert knowledge and extensive experience and has made a huge impact in the short time he has been on our campus.


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Parent Perspective

We love to hear from our parents! We continue to count on our families to be WCA's best salesmen!


"We moved here a few years back and WCA did an awesome job of welcoming our daughter and helping her transition in at a very difficult age...Middle School! She was accepted immediately by the other students and the experience was seamless!"

"We are beyond excited about the transition to classical! Our student is so excited about learning and exploring topics that we never thought they'd be interested in! Our student is reading literature we didn't hit until college. Truly an amazing journey!"

"Our son is ecstatic that he can play sports here! At our other school there was so much competition and cut-throat talking amongst the kids that he did not feel comfortable going out and when he finally got up the nerve he didn't make the team. WCA challenges their athlete to excellence and they are worked hard ... but every kid is encouraged to join in and play every sport. We are truly grateful that our son is getting the opportunity to learn and have that team community!"

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