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Upper School Schedule (7th-12th Grades)

Select the format that you prefer. We recommend printing off the schedule with no color and highlighting your desired classes as you design a schedule for your child. The color format is suggested to be used as a guide for the days and times of our course offerings. For example, if you see a class you prefer in a gray block you can look for all the gray blocks to see the days and times of that specific class.

Please note: The grade listed for each course is to be used as a rule of thumb. It is the typical year in school that a student would take that course. We look forward to working with you to customize a schedule for your child based on their current needs.


Upper School Course Offerings - Alphabetical


Upper School Course Descriptions


Full Schedule (in color)


Full Schedule (no color)



Lower School Schedule and Price List (K-6th Grades)

Below you will find an list of classes that we offer to homeschool families. The elementary program is limited to Math and Specials. 


Lower School Schedule 


Alphabetical List of Lower School Classes with Pricing