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Part-Time Student Guidelines:

  1. Only students entering grades 6-12 are eligible to attend WCA part-time. (Exceptions may be made to this rule at the sole discretion of the Head of School)
  2. All admission procedures apply.
  3. Part-time seniors must enroll for half of their class load or take four classes (Bible, Math, English and Social Studies) to receive a diploma.
  4. Newly enrolling students may be tested for ability before grade placement unless adequate, recent testing results are submitted.
  5. All school rules such as dress code, discipline policy, etc. apply.
  6. Proper planning must take place to minimize problems resulting from schedule conflicts. Students are expected to request exceptions from both institutions on an event basis. (For example, when WCA holds afternoon classes in the morning due to a half-day of school, the classes should be attended or permission for absence should be requested ahead of time. All assigned work must be completed even when a class must be missed).
  7. Homeschooled Part-Time Students: All of the above guidelines apply also to those students who receive their primary source of education as a homeschooler, with the following exceptions:
  • They may enroll for one or more classes.
  • They may participate in the sports program if enrolled in any number of classes.  There will be a charge of $275 per sport for part-time students.