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Booster Club


WCA Boosters Welcomes You!

If you have a student that participates in athletics YOU are a member of Boosters!!!!!
WCA Boosters is made up of parents, teachers, coaches and students with the sole purpose of recognizing, celebrating, promoting and nurturing Washtenaw Christian Academy’s athletes.
Our goal is to promote and increase awareness of WCA Athletics within our school and community, highlighting student athlete’s accomplishments, gifts, abilities, sportsmanship, teamwork and Christian character.
Boosters is responsible for raising money to support our athletes, and ensuring all home games are executed at WCA with the utmost professionalism and respect for students, families and visitors entering our school. We have a wonderful opportunity to provide hospitality to people outside these walls and be a witness to Christ’s Love.
If you are interested in playing a larger role in your students’ athletic endeavors please go to contact us and get plugged in.
Thank you for your support!
Kent Jeppesen
Booster President