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It's 2019.

Do you know where your children are?


When looking at education options, you consider much more than a four-year experience for your son or daughter. The decision of where the next level of your child’s development will begin should hinge upon the big-picture question: where do you want your young adult to be after graduation?

Even more than that . . . who do you want your young adult to be?

At Washtenaw Christian Academy, we find a common desire in the heart of every family who enrolls their students at WCA—a desire that, for us, is a conviction. Like any parents, they want their children to graduate with good grades, high test scores, a head start into college preparation and the opportunity to go to premiere colleges and universities where they can thrive.

But WCA families want more than that: they want their children to grow to be compassionate adults, responsible citizens, influential leaders in the community, and strong adherents to their faith. Most parents share that desire but think, They don’t teach all that in school. And it’s true. They don’t.


We do. We believe—we know—parents don’t have to choose between schools who can develop their children academically and those who will develop their children holistically. We do both, and we do so with excellence. The facts about our graduates offer proof:
  • Average ACT score: 26.7 (state average: 19.6)
  • Attend renowned colleges and universities, including Cornell University, Loyola University—Chicago, University of Michigan, Calvin College, Cornerstone University, Ferris State, Indiana Wesleyan, Spring Arbor University, Wheaton College, to name a few.
  • Class of 2012 went on to these majors in college: Law, Business, Pre-Med, Chemical Engineering, Advertising and Marketing, Counseling & Psychology, Psychiatry, Music Production & Engineering, and many others.
  • A recent study showed accredited Christian school graduates, like ours, to be far more likely than their peers to:
    • Retain their commitment to their faith
    • Donate financially to charitable causes
    • Volunteer their time and service
    • Feel content and fulfilled for the status of their lives
    • At WCA, our high faculty:student ratio and whole-child approach to education create a unique environment where your child will have academic and personal success. Our graduates prove that every year, just as your child can . . . if you take action.

We invite you to come see for yourself, not just who WCA is, but who our students are and how we help them become the people their parents dream they can be. We guarantee you will notice the difference of how WCA focuses on the student, and you will notice how that focus will change your child’s perspective on what education is all about.

See for yourself what makes WCA doesn’t have to be a daunting experience—it should be a formative adventure into realizing each child’s true potential.

Contact us today! Let your child’s future begin now. 


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