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Annual Campaign: General Fund

When you want to support the big-picture mission of WCA, even in contributing to the tiniest details.

At WCA, we need funds for a world-class faculty and staff, state-of-the-art facilities, an exhaustive resource center, and inspiring fine arts and athletics programs. We also need light bulbs. The direct fruit of every gift may not be glamorous; the end result, however, is absolutely amazing.

That’s the spirit of the General Fund. Friends who support us with gifts to the general fund aren’t signing up to buy trash bags; they’re saying, “Whatever you need, here, let me help.” Because gifts to the General Fund go toward anything and everything at WCA. We use those funds for debt relief, utility bills, teacher salary, attracting new students, light bulbs—whatever is necessary to give a very special student an elite Christian education.

(Note: gifts to the general fund will also help close the gap between
tuition dollars raised and operating costs.)


Pray with us in support of The General Fund
  • Gifts that can be applied to any expense incurred by the mission of WCA.

  • Gifts that have maximum flexibility and optimum impact

  • These are the gifts that every day, in every way, make a difference in the lives of our children

  • Scholarships for students needing financial assistance will also be funded by gifts to the general fund.

Annual Campaign: A.R.M. Fund

We believe our teachers are the very best: this is our commitment to keep it that way and treat them that way.

We all had those favorite teachers. Whether the course was math, science, or grammar, what our favorite teachers really taught was life. They understood what we longed to understand . . . and they understood us. You can define success at school with GPA, test scores, or any other number, but students know they’re successful when a truly great teacher ignites within them a love for learning and growing and living.

That kind of teaching doesn’t just happen. Truly extraordinary teachers can work wherever they choose, and we want to give them every incentive to come to WCA and stay at WCA. They deserve it, and so do our students. The A.R.M. fund will help ensure we can attract and reward high-performing, deeply caring teachers and provide them every opportunity to grow as well.


Pray with us for the Attract, Retain, Mentor (A.R.M.) Fund
  • Attract the most qualified teachers with competitive salaries above the current scale

  • Retain and reward our valuable teachers with bonuses and pay raises

  • Fund continuing education opportunities to ensure the faculty continually grows, as will the diversity, creativity, and depth of a WCA education

  • Ensure that WCA is the very best place for extraordinary teachers to work (and for students to learn)

Annual Campaign: Debt Retirement Fund

Eliminating debt is in everyone’s best interest.

In the course of launching any endeavor—a business, a ministry, a school, a home—there are times in which it makes sound financial sense to borrow from investors, with reasonable interest, to realize a vision. But—it always makes sound financial sense to pay off this debt as quickly as possible. 

At WCA, we have carefully considered each of the very few debts we have ever taken on to give our students and families the very best education experience. Now we ask you to prayerfully consider supporting us—in prayer, in giving, in any way God leads you—to eliminate all debt. The benefit of doing so is simple: full financial freedom and optimal ministry power of every dollar given to WCA.


Pray with WCA for Debt Elimination
  • This is a fund with a clear finish line: debt freedom.

  • We aim to pay off all balances on all properties and accounts.

  • Eliminating interest from debt renders the same net result as investing with guaranteed interest.

  • Gifts to the Debt Retirement fund empower all other funds by: 

  • reducing the financial obligations of WCA

  • allowing us to allocate all our resources to our core mission rather than to creditors

Annual Campaign: Facilities Improvement Fund

Equipping the students of today, tomorrow, and beyond with changes that are so much more than cosmetic

From the ages of 3 to 18, our students will spend more time at WCA than they will at any place other than home. The look and function of our facilities, every detail from the performance of a simple water fountain to the beauty of the grass and flowers on our grounds, speaks volumes about how much we care for our school and our students.

The Facilities Improvement Fund is your opportunity to show students for years to come that you value their education, their surroundings, and their needs as they study here. Gifts to Facilities Improvement also pave the way for expanding the capacity and the breadth of a WCA education, allowing us to add more classrooms, more course offerings, and more programs to benefit this generation of WCA students and the next.


Pray with WCA for Facilities Improvement
  • Basic, short-term improvements: replacing worn carpet, freshening up landscaping, utility maintenance—the essentials that keep WCA looking and functioning at a high level 

  • Long-term improvements such as finishing off upper level to allow for classroom and auxiliary program expansion

  • A concrete, tangible way to show your support for WCA and leave a legacy benefitting all our students, faculty, and staff for years and years.

Annual Campaign: Fine Arts Fund

Some truth, some knowledge, you can memorize and read about and test. The truth too beautiful for words is no less important to study.

Some of the last programs to receive funding are the ones that mean the most to our students’ lives and to our hearts. Can you imagine a life without music, without story, without art? With your help, we can see to it that every student enjoys an education in the arts and that students with exceptional passion in those areas can be immersed in opportunities to grow, to discover, and to create.

Meaningful music, drama, and arts programs are expensive. Musical instruments and equipment, sheet music, scripts, sets, art supplies, sound equipment, photography supplies . . . all of it is essential to an education in the fine arts—and the fine arts are essential to a well rounded formation of students as individuals created in the image of God and united beautifully in the body of Christ.


Pray with us in support of the Fine Arts
  • Fund new and existing music, drama, art and photography programs

  • Acquire instruments, equipment and sheet music

  • Increase drama resources for set creation, scripts, costumes, etc.

  • Update equipment for praise band, including microphones, technical and sound equipment, music, and instruments

  • Expand art materials for broader art exploration across a wider spectrum of media

Annual Campaign: Athletics Fund

Achievement on the court,  achievement in the field, achievement in life . . . it is a team effort.

At game time, something changes. Every student athlete can feel it. You’ve spent cold early mornings and long, tired afternoons practicing drills, running sprints, doing laps, and training as a team and then . . . the whistle blows . . . the ball is tipped . . . the umpire shouts, “Play ball!” . . . and suddenly, the adrenaline pulses to let you know like nothing else can: this is for real.

As adults, we know other life accomplishments take on greater importance than scoring a goal or blocking a spike. For the students, though, athletics is often the first and deepest impression of what it feels like to succeed through hard work, cooperation, and courage. Organized athletics helps ensure they understand that who they are, what they do, and how they do it . . . it all really matters.

Your support of the Athletics Fund delivers that same, powerful message.


Pray with us in support of the Athletics Fund
  • Repair and add essential equipment for all sports

  • Improve field and gym conditions, update Wildcat logos

  • Pay coaches and officiating crews for all sports

  • Expand facilities and athletic offerings to include more sports and more amenities for spectators (outdoor concessions, soccer field/baseball scoreboard, bleachers, etc.)

Please mail me a Annual Fund Campaign Package!


OR you can donate securely online today!


You can donate securely online today!


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